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Where shall we get HHO Kit and who will fix it in either 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler

Answer:  Please advice the area you are living so that we can suggest you the place nearby.
Subject: price, availiability, installation for my activa


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wanna know about my honda activa's fuel mileage rise. even wanna know about unit for the same as well as how to fit in my honda activa. one more thing please let know about maintenance for the same. please let me know about the price. regards......

Answer:  The mileage increase will be 30% to 40% . Installation CD is provided & we can fix up with the help of a local mechanic. You have to do the top up of distilled water periodically & no other maintenance is required. Will send you the price in separate e mail.
Subject: HydroGen for Tata Indica Diesel Car




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I want to use this technology in my diesel car. How & where to purchase this and who will do the installation? Also let me know the price for the same. I am from Chennai.

Answer:  Please mention your engine make & capacity to send you a quote. Will send you details to your mail id
64 - 66 / 86
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  Mr. Vellappan Jeyakummar (M.D. of Tiaano)
      Introduce Hydro-Gen in Jaya TV

Installed the HydroGen, designed and manufactured by M/s. Tiaano, Chennai in our G2 380 KVA Diesel Genset on April 2011. However for the month of july 2011
1. We achieved 14.60% savings in Diesel Consumption.
2. In terms of litter per hour, Diesel consumption was reduced as 36.87 Liters from 43.17 Liters per Hour.
3. An average, 6.30 Litters Diesel is getting saved per hour.

Dear Sir,
This is Murugesan from Chennai, India. I have a Hero Honda Passion Motor Bike 'TN 22 BU 6341'. Before installation of Hydro-Gen Generator my bike mileage is 48 KM per Liter. After Installion of HydroGen Generator my Bike mileage is much increased to 65KM. Around 35% in fuel saving has been observed. So I am very much happy with using this HydroGen Generator.
Thank You
D. Murugesan
Mobile: 093825 12015

Dear Sir,
After fixing up Hydro-Gen in my Hero Honda Motor bike. It give 30% more mileage. So I am very much satisfy with using this Hydro-Gen product.
Thank You
D. Nandhagopal
Mobile: 094440 53626

Hello Sir,
I am A.L. YUVARAJ (Mechanical Engineering Student). I have submitted this Hydro-Gen technology into lot of University & Colleges. Also I got so many response and prices for this Hydro-Gen Technology. The following certificate links for your reference.
Indian Institute of Science
VELS University
Kalasalingam University
Adhiyamaan College

Thank You

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